How can it help you?

Promotes, helps, makes life easier – it’s the sixth sense of your festival.

Boosts your revenue/sales

Offer your sponsors an interactive space on thousands of screens and provide additional marketing statistics.

Saves trees

Printed guides, leaflets, maps and schedule – from here on out you have it all in digital form. Gain time to make changes and get more for your money.

Satisfies attendees’ needs

How many people come to your festival with a phone in their hand? Well, yeah... Offer them the key information offline, and they will fall in love with your application at first sight.

Improves communication

Unexpected changes? Important and urgent news that you need to share with attendees? The notification system comes in handy before, during and after the festival.


Artur Rojek

OFF Festival Director

Knowledge, skills and enthusiasm

An app prepared at breakneck speed, and the final effect was much better compared to similar solutions. Cocolab is fully aware of the requirements of their clients, and work with them runs very smoothly thanks to their skills and enthusiasm. Keep it up, Cocolab!

Marcin Gruszka

Spokesperson of Play

The highest quality and experience

The quality of the applications provided has always been at the highest level, and our users confirm that every time. Working with Cocolab is a pure pleasure. To sum it all up: we asked for the application, we got the experience. We recommend them!

Janusz Makuch

Jewish Culture Festival Director

Good communication and professionalism

Communication with the client, reliability, patience and, above all, great professionalism, make Cocolab a company worth cooperating with, and the effects of this collaboration are of the highest quality.

Verified functions

Participants gladly use them #truestory. We watched them doing so both at small and massive events.


Festival goers always have an up-to-date schedule and additional information about the artists at hand. Sudden changes in the schedule are not a problem anymore - you can update it in just a few seconds and inform everyone interested right away.


Do not waste time answering the same questions all the time. Do it once, let everyone hear you.



Recommend the best nearby food trucks, bars and restaurants. Share discount codes. Everyone is full, and you count the profits.


News, must-be attractions, info from partners, security issues – notify participants at once via a simple message.

Take a closer look

Lots of good things in one place.

Gets along with your website well

You enter the schedule into the app, and suddenly it’s on your website, too. Click, problem solved.


It makes money for itself. You get functions for which partners are willing to pay.

Beautiful and independent

You don’t need a graphic designer – the texts and visuals are on us. It’s up to us to create a beautiful, fully operational app in the style of your event. And we serve it on a silver platter.

Ambitious initiator

At first, lineapp will ask participants about their tastes. After a bit of small talk, it knows their preferences inside out, so it only serves well-matched content.

Hungry for more

Thanks to the option of recommending bars and food trucks, you get a new source of income. We offer additional profit, and what you do with it is none of our business!

Comes with a whole team

Lineapp is not just an application. It's also a team of professionals who care about your peace of mind. You play the first fiddle and we work for you in the background.

Gets to know your attendees more

A woman or a man? From Las Vegas or Las Palmas? Charles Dickens or Bukowski? We know the demographics and interests of your participants - and we will be happy to share the stats with you.

8 years ago, we made the first ever festival application in Poland, and the second in Europe. Only the festival in Cannes outran us on the Old Continent.

We would give our right hand for the quality of our app.

It’s trouble-free and self-sufficient

You get a ready-made, beautiful and fully operational application from us. Focus on your work, we will take care of the rest.

It works offline

Most applications need the Internet to shine. Ours does not. Online and offline, on the train and under a tent - it works juuust fine.

Tested thousands of times

The 700-thousandth crowd at Woodstock made a great impression on us. It didn’t on our app - it kept calm and fulfilled its role flawlessly!

It helps, does not distract

People come to the festival for artists, not for the application.
That's why we've designed it to convey the maximum information in a minimum amount of time. We are to support.

How do we do it?

14 days, 5 simple steps and the application of your festival is ready for download.

  • Collecting materials / Getting ready / Preparing to kick-off

    Do you have materials ready? Forward them to us. Best via e-mail, it’s the easiest way for you. We talk a lot with you at this stage. But to save you time, not too much.

  • Making the app real

    We have guidelines, so we code, design, write, create the app. We send it to you for approval. We’re waiting…

  • Sending the app to stores

    Yes, we have approval! We're uploading the app to AppStore and GooglePlay. We’re live, and our hearts are beating faster.

  • Supervision and promotion

    Focus on your festival - you have a lot on your plate. We will take care of the app, we will be watching over it. Keep calm.

  • Report and summary

    Standing ovation, the dust falls, the curtain goes down! You have time to rest, and let us prepare a report full of data on your participants. You can take a look when you have a moment and forward it to anyone you need.

Spontaneous, the most magical moment of Woodstock Festival. See what lineapp had to do with it!

Ok, and how much does it cost?

Available for 30 days
Personalized schedule
A detailed list of artists
Event map
Unlimited notifications
Social Media
Detailed report on application users
Available for a year
Personalized schedule
A detailed list of artists
Event map
Unlimited notifications
Social Media
Filling the app with content
A detailed report on application users.
Let's do it tailor-made
Do you need a more complex solution? We are waiting for your call.
+48 698 059 620

We have been verified and appreciated by thousands of participants of music, literary and film festivals. 92% of them gave us 5 stars.

User reviews

Do not take our word for it, take theirs!

Boys and girls from CocoLab, every time I use your app, I can’t not admire how talented and professional you are in this world full of makeshift things! I’ll set your fanpage up, really. Thanks and see you at the most beautiful Festival of the World!

CocoLab i wszystko jasne



One of the most beautiful music festival apps ever made!

Pixel perfect

A veeeeery useful app during Przystanek Woodstock.

10/10 App

Applause for the whole team that created it. Lineup, all events, map, band descriptions and reminders about concerts! Ideal! Something like this has always been needed. Everything in your pocket and at hand! Great! 

Perfect app

Last year I gave a 4 but now it's cool – a well-deserved five stars - it looks great, runs very smoothly and functional - well done, good job. (Ok, slightly larger letters in the descriptions) 


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Cocolab – a team of people making mobile apps since years.

FIRST. We’ve made the first festival application in Poland.

THE BIGGEST. We’ve made an app for the biggest festival in Poland: Woodstock Festival. Jurek Owsiak tells us “yes” every year. He has done it six time in a row already.

SATISFIED. 92% of our app users can’t be wrong. That’s how many people gave us a 5-star rating!

AVAILABLE. Always around when you need us. Always on time and always professional.

FUN-LOVING. We’re hanging around the world of festivals and we love them just as much as you do!